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Freedom Edibles and Samson's Unit (Vallejo)

Freedom Edibles in Vallejo was organized by Shawn Polly, who wanted to use the proceeds to underwrite a rehabilitation house for recovering addicts and alcoholics, called "Samson's Unit" (now defunct). More information about what happened to Samson's Unit can be found at []

2011-11-28 Freedom Edible update to their facebook forum "Vallejo Patients Group"  []: 
Good Morning everyone, just to let you know if you don't want to be apart of this group you can easily remove it. If you do not use marijuana as medicine you should remove yourself as well. Welcome to the wonderful World of Whole Sale Edibles Freedom Edibles.

H.A.C.C.P. APPLICATION: We have a H.A.C.C.P. application on file with the San Fransisco Health Dept. What this means is anybody can view where we got are butter. Where are butter was made. It has alot of info about are butter. To view it get ahold of Larry Kistler Health Inspector of the San Fransisco Health Dept. and ask about High on the Mountain Top Butter made by Freedom Edibles.
Freedom Edibles is 1 of 25 Edible Patient Suppliers in the State of California that has a H.A.C.C.P. Application on file with a health dept.
Know who makes your food. Most these people in California and by most i mean all dont have any kinda regulation We are Regulated By a Health Dept. Cant stress how important that is. If you are buying food from a clinic that does not have a H.A.C.C.P. Application on file stop you are in danger and you nor them know where your food was made or in what conditions!!!

Food Safety Certificate: Yes we have it. Does the clinic you get your edibles thowe? For years there has been no regulation on edibles. In 2009 the San Fransisco Health Dept. made it law that you have to have a Food Safety Certificate. A simple 8 hour class is required to gain this certificate. Next time you buy edibles from a clinic ask to see a copy of the food safety certificate of the edible organization you have chosen. I bet you free edibles they aint got one.

Prices: Keep this in mind we get $3 for a rice krispy from clinics and they mark it up by atleast 100%. This goes for all the products i am about to list. By going with Freedom Edibles you eliminate the middle man. Stop getting ripped off by Greedy so called Marijuana Clinics join with Freedom!
BlueBerry and Bannana Nut Mini Muffins=$1 0.7g clipings
Star Candies (50) different Flavers 0.05 kief=$1
Kief Capsules=$2 0.3g kief
middle size candies=$2 0.2g kief
Suckers (50) different flavers 0.3g kief=$3
Rice,Fruity,Coco,Apple,Cookie,All-Berry,etc. Krispys=$3 1.7g clipings
Cookies&Cream,Chocolate Chip,Turtle,Carmel Pecon,Funnettie,Wal-Nut,Mint,Butterscotch,etc.etc. Brownies=$4 2.5g clipings
Blueberry,Banana Nut Muffins,Cranberry-Orange,Cinnimon-Streasul,etc.etc.=$4 2.5g clipings.
Peanut-Butter,Oatmeal,Chocolate-Chip,Chocolate-Mint,Rainbow,etc.etc. Cookie Bars=$4 3.0g clipings
All Cup-Cake Flavers are the same as cakes with one exception The Tie Dye Cup-Cake this one of a kinder is medicated with the frosting and the cake twice as powerful as a cake or cup-cake offered to you the patient at the same price :0 ENJOY
Strawberry,Lemen,Carot,Spice,German Chocolate,White,Rasta,Chocolate Cakes,etc.etc.
=$5 3.0g clipings
Drinks 12oz oval bottles-Blue Raspberry,Sour Apple,Orange,Grape,Watermelen,Pineapple,Strawberry,Cherry,Pink-Lemenade,Lemenade,Tigers-Blood,Strawberry-Raspberry,etc.etc. =$5 0.5g kief

Hot- sauce=$5 6oz bottle 3.5g clipings (made from Tapatia)
Peanut Butter Crunchy or Smooth=$5 (made from Skippy) 6oz hexagon jar 3.5g clipings
Bar-B-Q-Sauce=$5 6oz. bottle 3.5g clipings
Vegatable Glycerin (Tincture)=$20 1oz bottle 14g clipings
High on the Mountain Top Butter: Enjoy 3 different sizes and 5 differnt strains!!!
Strains are Blueberry,Church O.G. Kush,TrainWreck,HinduKush,PurpleKush!!!
Sizes and Price are 1/4 cup=$5 1/2 cup=$10 1 cup=$20

Didnt find what you are looking for? Let me tell you ive been working for 14 hours and my fingers are tied. We have over 700 Products yes Seven Hundred. In time i will put them up but until then just ask and it shall be given. We will try are hardest to meet everyneed for your pain.

So you think Whole-Sale is a deal huh? well Save even more money and cook your own!!! By making your own food with butter you will save between 30-50 percent more than you allready do by going with Freedom Edibles.

We have Gluten Free,Suger Free,Organic, and Vegan
We offer 10-30 free edibles a week for Terminal or Serious Ill Patients just message me.
 Must have a Valid Script for Marijuana and be verified at E.C.C. Vallejo Or Natures Love Vallejo. Must do Min. Order of $30. Around 90% of all are products have a shelf life of atleast 30 days and can be frozen for months. If you donate over $100 you will get a free cup of Butter!!! (A $20 Value)

2011-11-29 update from "Freedom Edibles" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:
Hay everyone i need some help! I am starting a Mens Home and i need Wood for Bunk Beds. A Carpenter or Two that can Build them. I can offer Edibles in return as long as you are a patient. Please dont reply just for the edibles or your gonna be disappointed i need a few good men. And i need some Wood (hahaha!).
2011-12-09 update from "Freedom Edibles" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:
Hi everyone hope all is well. I am looking for a couple of patients who are interested in working for Free Edibles. I need a couple more people on my clean-up crew. I am willing to give $15 a hour in edibles of your choice. We have hundreds of products to choose from. Task includes washing dishes, Sweep, mop, wipe down, etc. Its about 10-20 hours a week. This is a good way to get the medicine you need in exchange for work!!! Thank You so much offer applies to medical marijuana patients only!!! Located in Vallejo.
2011-12-10 update from "Freedom Edibles" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:
Hello everyone want some Edibles? This Sunday from 12-5 p.m. here in Vallejo we are doing are second work day for Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home!!! Last week all who worked earned around 70 dollars in medicine. I have flowers to trade for work as well. Lets come together and put this mens home together before Christmas so i can get some men in here in time for Christmas!!! Offer only applies for medical marijuana patients!!! For more info just message me!!!
2011-12-12 update from "Freedom Edibles" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:  
As of today i went to the Vallejo Homeless Shelter also known as The Christian Help Center. I gave a speech to a few men who are in the Shelter. I found out today just how much people are in need. One of the guys has a job but no place to live. Another is trying to get a job with a church over on broadway st. here in Vallejo. And another has his wife and kid in another shelter who just needs a little help. I gave them a information booklet on Samsons Unit. All of them agree that this program would benefit them. Most of the men i talked to just need a little help to get there lives back to normal. All of them agreed to drug testing and obeying the rules and regulations. They all agree that $60 a week is a great deal as well. All we need to do is get the lumber for the bunk beds and twin size mattress's. I got the house and im willing to move people who are battleing drugs and alcohol in here and live with them. Someone get some lumber please that is the easy part. We need lumber for 4 more bunkbeds about $420 worth imagine that 420. Each bed cost $105 to make and we need 4. I dont know how much twin size mattress's are but we need 12. I am willing for anyone to come visit this home and see what we have done and what we are trying to do! I would say $900 is all it will take to get all the lumber and get these beds ready before Christmas! So Who's got $900 bucks to get 8-12 men off the streets of Vallejo? A sad question to ask i wish i had it. Everyone i have asked tells me they cant help or gives a small chunk thinking it will cover everything. I got a van we can go get the lumber and mattresses you pay for them. I need no money just your time and help. I have a couple of skilled peeps that know how to put bunk beds together in 2 hours flat. Ive did about all i can do please someone some church something rise up and make this a reality. Thank You Shawn Polly 707-655-0313 For lumber size look under documents at the top then go to current needs.
 i will still trade edibles at wholesale for trade of supplies

Samson's Unit was founded in May 2011, and started a weekly service and community feed. 
Shawn Polly writes on July 3rd: I did not realize how much the devil wants my soul dead until
Today I ministered to around 20 people including these children. I went to Safeway tonight for food. About ten minutes into it, a Demon approached me. He started talking to me about weird stuff. I went to check out, and he was two people behind me. He said you in the green bandanna and started to attack me I blocked this guy as people intervened. Call it mental, but I call it demons!
2011-06-05 "Week 4 Samsons Unit" photographs by Shawn Polly:

2011-07-03 "Week 8 Samsons Unit" photographs by Shawn Polly:

2011-07-10 "Week 9 Samsons Unit" photograph by Shawn Polly:

2012-01-12 "What is Samsons Unit?"
video uploaded by Shawn Polly·to []:
Shawn Polly explains the making of Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home.

2011-12-19 "Samson's Unit Sober Living Home is open!"
update from "Samson's Unit" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:  
We got another resident today here at the start of Samson's Unit Mens Sober Living Home!!! That makes 3 guys now here at the house.
I am amazed that nobody has been by or been talking to me about how we can come together to make this continue to happen. I still only have one bunk bed with no mattresses?
What if you were homeless down on your luck? What about that one family member who is just trying to stop drinking? Or the family member or friend who uses drugs? Well if it was up to most of you they would be dead. It's almost Christmas. All these people claim they know God? How much do they really know God? O i got a thing in my yard or window that says i love the lord bull shit! To know God is to love people as your self. Is it possible to please God? Can we persuade something so powerful to give extra attention to are self? Hebrews 13:16 says "And don't forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacifices that please God". Aint nobody but like 5 or 6 people even lifted a finger to help out . Shit sacrifice is way to big a word for most of you. I took 3 people in where i live that stuggle from Meth and Crack Coccaine. 3 less people on the streets of Vallejo. 3 more open spots at the Vallejo Homeless Shelter. Ive did my part as a Christian as a Jew as a good person in life. Now all you inconsideret people that are just my friend on face book because i make edibles. Remove yourself. I am trying really hard to not kuss and be mature about this. To all of you who could had helped or still can and dont help with the basic things we need to get this mens home fully operative. Please please reconsider living shoot yourself before christmas thank you heartless people of Vallejo!!!

2011-12-21 "I have a system that can solve the Vallejo Homeless Epidemic"
update from "Samson's Unit" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:     
We got two more guys in today. Thats a total of four men at Samsons Unit. The two guys that we took in today are former Marines. One 30 and the other 25. They are both really awsome brothers. I have been talking with them getting to know them alot better. I found out today that our eldest resident Mr. Yancey age 53 lost his wife a year ago and lost his home in a fire recently in El Sobrante. Before Mr. Yancey was here he biked 12 miles a day to Mare Island where he works at Blu Homes. We are able to hook him up with rides now and make him breakfast where he once did not have before work. At Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home we are able to not only help out 4 amazing guys so far but three of them are Veterens. The lord is really starting to move it is amazing to see this mens home starting to form! Three of the guys we have here we have taken out of the Christian Help Center. CHC is Vallejo's only Homeless Shelter. Months back i got CHC on video saying there is not enough room for all the homeless there. You can find that video under Freedom Edibles videos. I truly know that i can change Vallejo for good and put a dent in the homeless epidemic. As well as the Crack Cocaine epidemic! I have been going by the homeless shelter everyday for a week now since we have had Samsons Unit open. I have discovered there are alot of Sober men down on there luck only needing a little encouragement. Only needing a place they can call home. I truly know we have a great system that is founded on the Love of Jesus Christ. I have done nothing but love love love these brothers that are here. I see the love of Christ coming out of there souls because of it Praise be to God the most high most most most high!!! I feel more complete everyday working with the homeless and getting them off the streets of Vallejo, Ca. The streets of Vallejo are as dangerous as they come. We have one of the highest homicide rates in the nation! I have also discovered there is a brother at the shelter who has a terminal illness. He gets about 600 bucks a month he needs a apartment or his own space. He has Serosis of the Liver! He knows the lord Jesus Christ he just needs help with finding his own place. Another discovery is Vallejo has alot of Homeless Mental People running around with no where to go. The CHC has no where for people with Mental Problems to go. I cant take them here around men who are recovering from drugs and alcohol. But we can run another mens home that is dedicated to the homeless men of Vallejo who have mental problems. It's gonna take some help to do it can't do it alone. Eventually I know God will help me to acomplish this. I have much much bigger goals of having Womens Homes And Family Homes. Who knows maybe God will eventually bless me with a fully operative Homeless Shelter one day? I trully know in time with the proper help i can get over 90% of Homeless people off the streets of Vallejo. I know what you are saying 90% thats too high a number. In 5 days i have taken 3 guys out of the Vallejo Homeless Shelter. It has taken that long because nobody wants to donate or help. With the proper donations and help i truly know i can make the Homeless shelter empty. In this system God gave me i truly know i can all-most eliminate the Homeless epidemic of Vallejo,Ca. And have a spot for any Homeless person housing Woman, Men, and Children with what ever issues they have. Through Sober living, Special treatment for the Mental Ill, Victims of Violence, and alot of other bases i didnt mention. God Bless Us all and a good night from Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home.

update from "Samson's Unit" organizer Shawn Allen Polly:     
Prop 215 The Compassianate Use Act has been misused by most marijuana clinics in California. Ive been doing bussiness with High Standards for 3 months as of last week. I was in San Jose and i decided to go by there and see if I could get the money they owed me (consignment). When i walked in I brought a mini muffin tree for our mini muffins and our trophy that we won at the 2010 people choice awards. I noticed most of our product was still there. Two weeks old I wondered whats the problem. I checked all of them for signs of mold. They were all still good. I looked at a bud tender and asked him how much are the mini muffins here. He said $3 I was upset I said to him that I only sale these for $1 to High Standards. I continued to add that a patient would not buy these mini muffins at such a high price. As I was speaking I looked at our candy jar on there counter and seen $3 per candy. I was furious because I sold these to High Standards for 0.50 cents each. They were making a 600% profit. All of our edibles were marked up at this store. I humbled my self after telling the bud tender my feelings. I put the mini muffin tree together and put fresh muffins on the tree and took the old ones back. I then offered to put my trophy in there glass case and he said that would be cool and I did so. I then asked him if I could get paid the remaining balance he said let me find out. He went in the back and came out with a phone that had Jamie one of the owners on it. She said how do you have the right to tell me I sale edibles for too much. I said Mrs. our candies are marked up 600% and all of our edibles are atleast marked up by 200%. She told me that we wont be doing bussiness with you that she would pay me out and I was done. As she was saying this Jason the other owner was in the background of the phone cursing at me. I asked Jamie for 60 seconds to explain she said go ahead. I started by saying if a patient goes to another clinic in San Jose and they see our same product you have here for 6 times more than they will think bad things of both of us. She said she needed to charge more because of taxes? Here is the math breakdown on what she is saying! We sold high standars a product for fifty cents 0.50 cents They turned around and sold it for $3. Every other clinic we have sales our candies for $1. It's a $2.50 gain. 5 times more than what they paid. Thats a brief description on how one of our products was abused very badly at this clinic. Many more of our products were marked up atleast 200% When we sold the candy to them at 0.50 cents each we did not make a profit for them. We do these edibles that cheap for patients and do not make a profit so we can offer affordable medicine to sick and injured people, at a very low cost. When i explained this to Jamie she was furious as well as Jason. She said get your money and dont ever come back! I told her that all I do is right in this world. I serve the lord Jesus Christ everyday of my life! I told her that i witness to people in the great name of Jesus Christ everyday in Vallejo, Ca. I also told her that I cant afford to lose there support that I started a homeless shelter in Vallejo, Ca called Samsons Unit. She said that she did not care. I said very well then. I handed the phone to her staff they asked me to come into the back. A tall white young man with blond hair asked me how much I was owed I told him. He laid some money down on a table and said I will get the rest. After other employees were calling me names and making fun of my religion I grabed the money that was mine put it in my pocket and attempted to leave. Three guys stood before me telling me I could not leave. I said if you touch me it's assalt and battery as i started out the door. They said if you leave its theft and we will call the police. I had 3 people with me waiting in the lobby. I came out of the back and told everyone we have to go now High Standards is calling the cops on us. As we were leaving one of the employees was placing his hand on my friend who was behind me and it caused me to trip. As we all drove away I told them how cruel and heartless they were by treating a man who gives all he has to the needy away like waste.

When I got home that night I had a message on my phone that said Jason was calling the police on me for theft. I called Jason back and tried to reason with him by saying this is to small just let it go. He started calling me names and I told him why do you treat a Godly man like waste. He said your not Godly my grandmother is a ordained minister who runs a recovery program. He went onto say that I was on drugs. I told Jason that I run a sober living home for recovering addicts. Jason allready knew this because he was suppose to build two bunk beds for our homeless shelter. We talked for a hour and a half one time about how High Standards would finance the homeless shelter Freedom Edibles started. He set up a appointment with me and never showed up. He lied to me. He lied to the homeless. He lies to mankind. After I reminded him of this he was furious. He said dont you know who I am I am a medical marijuana clinic owner I make over 2 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR I CAN HAVE YOU PUT UNDER IF I WANTED TO. I told him he was stupid saying he would kill me on audio with 3 wittnesses then I hung up. I started getting phone calls from him right after I hung up. I answered and told him just let it go brother it was good while it lasted. Since last Wednsday I have had several threatning messages left on my machine. One of them says this From Jason and I quate " Shawn I am going to make sure you dont sell edibles ever again to any of these clinics in California. I've called E.C.C. Ive Called Greenwell and I called Happy Little Trees and told them that you stole from High Standards and there going to stop doing bussiness with you. Your done buddy none of these places even like you they all think you are a joke". Well this didnt meen much to me untill today. Chris from Greenwell sent me a tex message that said "why are other vendors saying that your talking crap about me?' I called him imediatly and said Stix what are you talking about? I asked him if high Standards called them saying I stole from them. He said yes and we dont want to ever have you in Greenwell again. I hung up and called the owner Matt. He didnt repsond so I went down to the Greenwell. When I got there security held me at the door and asked on the radio if I could come in Matt said no. I asked if he would speak to me on the radio he said yes. He told me that high standards called him saying alot of bad things about me. I said thats not true he said he was waiting for 2 weeks to see a video tape of me stealing money from them. I said Matt i've been here for over 2 years. I said Matt what about the homeless shelter i started what about the work we do on the streets of Vallejo how will we be able to continue to do it? He said stop sucking on the greenwell tittie and go get some new clubs. I said Matt you stole the slushie machine from me and now you make thousands of dollars off of it. Months back Freedom Edibles put a slushie machine at Greenwell they removed my machine bought another one and in time they told me it was there idea and it was there money. They stole thousands of dollars from me from homeless citizens in there own city. Because of that loss we could not afford to set up are booth on Sonoma and Indiana St. in Vallejo on Sundays at 3 and feed and minister to Crack Cocaine addicts. 4 months before he stole the slushie machine from us he hired a manager to copy all of our products. His name is Robin. Robin copied most of Freedom Edibles brownies, cakes, cookie bars, and etc.. For what reason did he do such things. All of our edibles sold out every week there. They copied most of what I had and started charging more than I did. We sold our cakes and brownies for $3.50 there. Go look at the price of there cakes and brownies now! After having all I worked for stolen from I left Greenwell for two weeks. Two weeks later I got hungry and started calling Matt and telling him how it's not fare to steal from people. How it's not fare that the one vendor in his store that started a mens shelter is having everything he has taken from him. I told him that I was going to show up with picketers and protest his establishment. After I talked to him several times he told me he would donate to me if I was a 501 c3. I told him I am trying to get the paperwork going. I showed up at Greenwell that night to tell Matt face to face how he stole everything I had from me. He screamed at me, cursed me, told me I was a bad christian, threatened me, then he gave me $500 dollars and some trim to go away and keep my mouth shut. I asked if I could bring what Robin doesn't make for there collective he said sure. Bring butter, teas, ice-cream, and drinks. I said thank you and walked away in tears Knowing I use to have over 60 products at this store. Tonight Greenwell told me I was a thief. Tonight Greenwell took the rest of all I had. My name they have taken from me it seems. After I got off the radio with Matt I took both shoes off my feet and said this. The bible says to shake the dust off your feet as a testomony to those who do not accept you. And i sit there and hit both shoes infront of those doors to Greenwell Cooperative Vallejo, CA. Greenwell took from the one vendor who is making a change on the streets of Vallejo. Our product has been in Vallejo ever since cliff had the first clinic over 3 years ago on Tennesee St. They copied our products and charged patients more. I spoke up for patients rights to the Compassionate Use Act and I had everything taken from me. Greenwell all-ready had it out for me for months now. High Standards calling them was just a exscuse to kick me out and copy my butter and what ever else they will steal. High Standards also contacted E.C.C and Happy Little Trees in Vallejo. They told both places the same as Greenwell. Both places ignored them because they know better than that. Happy Little Trees owner laughed when he heard that I allegidly stole and said well if he did he gave it to the poor.

The worse part about all of this is the Slander and for what I never sinned against anyone at High Standards. I spoke up for dieing and injured people. People who cant speak for there self. In return High Standards calls all the M.M.D's I'm at and speaks lies. They called every bussiness I work for and told them lies. Even clinics I havent even talked to yet. Now if I promote our edibles people will asume I am a thief if they do not know me and not want to do bussiness with me. What they did is a crime and it's not right. It is important to remember no body regulates these clinics. Only a few county's in California have regulations regarding M.M.D's. No body says that you have to keep it fare for the patients. These clinics can charge whatever they want to you. Vendors have no say in the price of you medicine. I have been a advocate for years now on many subjects. When is enough really enough? I started a homeless shelter for men on December 20th 2011. The name of the shelter is called Samsons Unit. It can be found under Freedom Edibles on You Tube or Samsons Unit at the top of the seach bar for facebook. I have a program that can get most of the homeless off the streets of Vallejo. So far no clinic in Vallejo or in California has ever made a donation. Rolandes from Happy Little Trees gave us the money for our second bunk bed to be built here. Micheal Durica and his family built the first bunkbed for the mens home. Since then ive asked everyone in the Medical Marijuana Industry for help with this project. All I got was no's, lies, and mislead. Jason kept me on the phone for over a hour promising he would help out. The system is corrupted it's not about Compassion anymore it's about self gain. Freedom Edibles is one of about 25 companies in the U.S. that has a H.A.C.C.P. aplication on file with a health dept. We are regulated by the San Fransisco Health Dept. Most edible vendors arent even Food Safety Certified. Next time you visit a clinic and decide what edible is right for you ask them to see a copy of the premier food safety certificate. Odds are if there not in S.F. county they dont have one. Ask high standards or Greenwell if anyone in there store has a H.A.C.C.P. application on file with the health dept. There going to say this whats a H.A.C.C.P. application. This is because they don't have any edible vendords who have been approved by a health dept. We are, and I can proudly and boldly say, that we are regulated. Most clinics aren't like High Standards and Greenwell both have threatened to murder me. I told them do me a favor and send me to my maker. I feel as if I have been screwed completly. How can these establishments make millions of dollars and steal from me? How can these establishments force people that open homeless shelters to close the doors? Now I worry if Samsons Unit Mens Sober Living Home will stay open? Why should anyone have to wonder if they are going to be able to help a drug addict know Christ? I have some amazing men in the home one of them is 25 he is a Marine he fought in Korea, Afganistan, and Iraq. He was injured in the war and is disabled. We are trying to get him his own place so his wife and kid can move in with him. Mr. Yancey is 53 he lost his home in a fire and then he lost his wife. I found him and John at the Vallejo Homeless Shelter. They have been here for over a month. I recently took another brother in Timothy who was in tears 54 and no peace we gave him rest and he has been here a week so far. I have had more guys here that did not work out. But we are having a good success rate so far. Praise be to God. Freedom Edibles for years has been giving in major ways to patients and communities. Freedom Edibles name has been bashed. Now I cant get more clinics without them questioning me about what High Standards told the world. Who really suffers in all this?

 As for me and my household we will serve the lord. I could find a job somewhere I am sure and support my self. There are more harsh things I could be doing. In all of this the Marijuana Patient is stolen from. The Cancer patient over charged and without medicine dies. There are hundreds of illnesses out there that marijuana can ease. Will these patients ever have affordable medicine? Next time you go into a collective ask them for some Compassion (free medicine). Odds are they will tell you they cant help you. Sure there are a few clinics out there that give back but on a percentage level we are talking 1% actually don't make a profit. Freedom Edibles is in that catogory because we give everything we have. I own a beat up washer a dryer a old T.V. a dvd player a broken computer and thats about it. Everything I own I gave to the start of the homeless shelter that is much needed in Vallejo, CA. Now the one thing I still have, my name, is being bashed. Now who suffers besides the patients. Well no money equals no homeless shelter. It's almost like most clinics in Vallejo want Crack Cocaine addicts to roam the streets. Why do I say this because they could not even donate a bunk bed. Keep in mind we also donate food to the Emmanuel Temple Church Mens Home in Vallejo as well. Now there affected because of greedy greedy clinics who profit off of sick and injured people. If you are a patient and you dont want to get ripped off contact me and I will take care of you at wholesale. If anyone who reads this wants to start a M.M.D. in Vallejo for patients in the bay area to have medicine at whole sale price then contact me. I would like to start a clinic here in Vallejo and charge no more than 5 a gram for 6 star top of the line medicine hash and flowers. I would also like to do wholesale edibles in this eliminating all these over priced collectives. 12 a gram 15 a gram 18 a gram 20 a gram aren't you tired of paying these prices ever wonder how much it cost to grow this medicine 1500 watts is about 40 cents a hour. Veg cycle is typically 18 hours light thats about $210 dollars a month in electric fees. After flowering begins it's alot less electric use all together around $700 in electric to grow 1 and a half pounds. 24 ounces 672 grams for allmost $700. Thats about a dollar a gram so why charge 10-20 dollars for a gram? Because they can. Even if people are useing other things in there grow a gram wont come out to more than a cost of $2 per gram. If I had the money I would start a grow and start a clinic. I would not charge more than 5 dollars per gram of every kind. People will drive for miles to save money and eventually if these greedy clinics want to stay open they will be forced to lower there prices to 5 or less a gram. We as patients have the right to cheap and affordable medicine. Will we stand up for our rights? Will we let clincis over charge sick and dieing people? I wont I will not stand for it. I will be raising money to open a clinic for the people by the people. We only need about 7,000 to start I nice clinic ether in San Jose or Vallejo. I am down for both cities. Patients are getting ripped off in every city by over charging greedy clinics! Lets make a difference and change Medical Marijuana Forever lets lower the price of marijuana and force these greedy establisments to shut down or give fair prices to patients. The Compasionate Use Act has been choped up into a money making pit as does most things in this world. Don't stand for it any longer choose to make a difference Boycot these greedy establisments. Start growning your own medicine. Help me to open a Clinic that has top of the line for 5 dollars a gram or less. And next time your in Greenwell or High Standards tell them Freedom Edibles will still serve the lord even without there blessing AMEN. GOD BLESS THE FEW M.M.D.'S WHO DO RIGHT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
[signed] Shawn Polly
 Freedom Edibles @ You Tube

2012-04-09 "Annual Prayer Breakfast" 
update from Shawn Allen Polly:
Osby Davis' Annual Prayer Breakfast address concerning the future of Vallejo is titled "Rebuilding Lives and the Vallejo Community, Collaboration is key". Watch it at youtube [].
As most people know or may not know. Freedom Edibles has been working on the streets of Vallejo, Ca for over a year. We council crack cocaine addicts, Gang Members, the homeless and so many more people. We have a mens sober living home called Samson's Unit. We house men recovering from Alcohol and Narcotics. Mayor Osby Davis says in this video at 6 min. 30 sec. that he supports anyone who is trying to make Vallejo a better city. He also says it is not about your philosophy it's about your motives. The city of Vallejo denied the inspection for the 1,000 pounds of supplies we had gathered for the tsunami that wiped out the country of Japan. That was the city attorney that denied that request in 2011. In late 2011 the planning department said i would be arrested for operating a illegal business if i opened a homeless shelter outside of Intensive use Zoning. I looked at the map the city provides at all intensive use zones. I drove around at each location to only find huge industrial buildings for thousands a dollars a month in rental fees? They have a permit required to open a Homeless shelter it's called a open use permit. $3,000 non refundable fee. It takes month's to get approved or denied? And why such harsh fees for providing your city such a great service? The city needs a new shelter. The Christian Help Center can only house 60 men, woman, and children. Georgia st. is full of empty buildings. I had a lady that was going to rent out this building that still sits there. For $500 bucks a month. I was going to put a food closet in the front room and a computer room in the back for education. I went to the planning dept. and once again they said the Zoning does not allow a food closet. So once again i could be arrested and shut down for operating a illegal bussiness. I told them it would be by appointment only and would not create traffic in the area. There was four marijuana clinics in the area including one next door. and several bars as well. But we cant have a food pantry and education center? Measure C passed by voters by 76%. Since then many people in Vallejo have went to jail fighting for safe acces for patients. Is the new Mayor a lier? Am i next to be silenced?

2012-03-06 "Intro to Vallejo church fraud"
[] at []:
This channel will serve as a protest to the ways of the Vallejo, Ca church system. I have had nothing but problems with every church in Vallejo? Is it me or is it them. In time i will have alot of video evidence you decide! Vallejo church is big money these days. There taking your money and not giving it back to you when you ask for help!

Thank you for your interest in Church Fraud!
This website is designed for people who have an open mind. If you think your church is not fraudulent in any way. This web-site will not help you. This website will expose the way churches in the San Francisco Bay area operate. All information is true and accurate and can be verified through video, audio, and witnesses. If you are a christian prepare to be amazed at the way the Body of Christ operates in the bay area and the world.
Ephesians 5:11 to 14 - "(11) Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. (12) For it is shameful even to speak of the things that they do in secret. (13) But when anything is exposed by the light, it becomes visible,(14) for anything that becomes visible is light."

Hello, my name is Shawn Polly. I am about to share some stories that will challenge your belief in church. Please note if your church is mentioned by no means am I telling you to leave your church. Instead confront the members of your church in public. The enemy wants you to grow bitter and not go to church. If I grew bitter I would not step foot in a church to preach the truth when there pastor doesn't. It is up to us to change the image of the Body of Christ that has been so misleading to mankind.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 -
It is all to weird of a story and very sad at the same time. Shortly after Japan was devastated in 2011 I had a heart to help. I kept having this dream about holding a Japanese baby. I called my phone company a few days later to add international calling. I was told that International calling was free to Japan for 30 days because of the tragedy. I contacted a church in Tokyo that told me they could use all the help they could get. I contacted the Salvation Army of Vallejo, Ca asking if I could use the barrels to collect supplies for the Japanese people. The Salvation Army agreed and it seemed like all was going well. I put barrels everywhere and collected around 1,000 pounds of food, medical, and clothing. My plan was to deliver the supplies to Japan personally and video document the destruction. In this I would come back to the states and form teams that would be there to this day.

God's People are not God's People -
When you have hundreds of dollars in medicine, clothing, and food the last thing you would imagine is that it would go to waste. I contacted over 50 churches in Vallejo, American Canyon, and Napa to help me get over there or get the supplies over there. Church after church gave me an excuse why they could not do it or collaborate with other churches to make it happen. Most churches said we already sent money, or they give to a charity that is in the region like The Red Cross or Samaritans Purse. After contacting so many churches I tried the charity's they said they sponsored. Samaritans Purse said they already have enough people there and they could not help me get the supplies over. The Red Cross would not take my supplies and told me I had to take a class to go over seas. Okay i'll take the class I said. The Red Cross said the class is once a month and it takes multiple classes until you complete the course. Nothing was looking up.

How Does God Finance Missions?
I have had a lot of people who claim to be of Christ tell me "if God wanted you there he would had made a way for you to be there". I then ask those people does God work through his people? And if so why weren't his people helping the children in Japan? God commands his followers to obey the bible. There is no limit to compassion. Jesus Christ did not teach us to let people suffer but to suffer with people. So many church leaders will be asked by God on the day of judgement. Why did you not listen to the words I spoke. No church was interested in getting the food, medicine, and clothing to Japan. I watched baby food go bad holding onto it in hopes someone would help me get it there in time!

A Table in Darkness -
God spoke to me and said I was to go to the heart of the hood and minister. I went to Sonoma and Indiana street in Vallejo. For those who don't know this area let me explain. Bloods Mafia gang members, Prostitutes, Crack Cocaine dealers, Alcoholism, every where in sight hay there's even a porn theater across the street. I put a table up ordered 10 pizzas and served water and pizza to who ever was hungry or thirsty playing christian hip hop in the background. A white boy in the hood was a scary feeling but evermore I shall not fear. My first week I met Hosea Perez a.k.a. Video. He approached me the third Sunday I was feeding people and said this "Shawn I just got out of jail for Crack Cocaine and I don't want to stay on the streets or I will do more Crack. Can I go home with you he asked".

Fear or No Fear -
At this point I got a man who has been to prison more times then I got fingers asking me if he can stay the night with me. If I said no I would disregard the bible and follow Mammon. I told Video come with me. He could had killed me, Robbed me, Or anything. Instead he lived there for three months. He told me how he was a pastor in Oklahoma years back and had lost his way with God. Pretty soon when I would show up at 3 P.M. on Sundays to feed folks in the hood Video was with me. Everyone knew him and trusted him in the ghetto. He was the weapon God had gave me the translator I needed. Video became the preacher he once was and started preaching light in a very dark place.

13 Weeks and No Church Showed Up -
For 13 weeks I had been calling and even visiting churches in Vallejo about this street ministry. I had one pastor show up and pray for two Min. and that was it. Emmanuel Temple Apostolic Church Pastor Harris. I asked him if he would spare a couple of his members and he said he would try. I never got any help from his church. Did Mr. Harris pray in vain? Why did he pray for things he could already do? Don't you love it when your in need and a fake christian says let me pray for you instead of actually helping you. I don't know about you but it happens to thousands of people everyday in America.

The Door Christian Fellowship Church Vallejo, Ca -
The Door showed me the door one night. I went to church there after seeing them fly signs at the shopping center on Admiral Callaghan. They really seemed like they were the type that was about street ministry. I showed up there one night after being invited and I wanted to ask for there help at the booth we had set up in the projects. They told me before they would help me I would have to build a relationship with them first. I told them it's not me that needs your help it's the lost souls where my booth is. They kept making up reasons why they could not help until they got to know me. I told them is this what you preach here. Jesus Christ did not say follow me when you are comfortable. Jesus went into strangers homes for the sake of the gospel. They kicked me out of there church for reciting scripture where they were not following the commandments of there Messiah.

Conclusion of The table in Darkness -
For over 13 weeks no church showed up to help serve food or even pitched in on anything. I started a church on the streets. We had about 40 people that would show up every Sunday. Kids were drawing I love Jesus all over the sidewalk. People were loving each other and peace was being installed in a very un-peaceful place. Only one man can do so much. I had spent around $1200 in the 13 weeks I had been there. I lost my job and could not pay for anymore pizza, snacks, or toys for the kids. Although a lot of greatness had come from this mission there was still a very sad darkness. No church had cared for the lost in the projects. They never showed up to the rescue even though we were the church in plain sight.

Does Vallejo Church seem Fraudulent yet?

I had a 3 bedroom home I was renting in Vallejo. I started talking to friends about starting a men's home for sober living. We built a couple of bunk beds and drew up literature on the program. We called the home Samson's Unit Men's Sober Living Home. I started interviewing guys at the local homeless shelter in Vallejo called The Christian Help Center. Pretty soon we had five guys living there. All of the guys that lived there were Vet's except one. I mailed 90 churches in Vallejo explaining what we were doing asking for help. All I got back was return address letters. No church called me, e-mailed, or came by. I even called and visited some of the Vallejo churches. Not one of them ever helped with the men's home. Shocking enough the Discover Channel thought it was worth visiting even if the church didn't. We had a married couple that was sleeping in our backyard. They were on Heroin sleeping under a bridge in Vallejo. We gave them a place to live. With no room inside we gave them what we had. Because we followed what the bible actually teaches we sheltered the afflicted and they got saved. You can find there story on T.L.C. the name of the show is Addicted and the title is Sean and Jenna. It's kind of funny no church stopped by but the Discovery Channel sent people to document it.

Community Bible Church Vallejo, Ca. -
I went to this church and dropped off a 20 Min. video explaining how the men's home operates asking for help. I waited 3 weeks and did not here from them. This is one of the biggest churches in Vallejo next to the high school. When I heard nothing from the leadership of the church I made flyers explaining that I need help with the men's home. As I was putting them on the cars 4 deacon's came out of the church demanding I leave the property. As I leave I stop on the sidewalk and tell them I am a Christian in need of help. As I try to explain about the men's home one of the church members pushes me off the sidewalk into the street. I never got vulgar, angry, or any of the liking. This church member attacked me for no reason. I came back and I flew a sign that said Church of Satan as people were leaving the church for there Sunday meeting. Another point to make about this church is that they are building a new temple and parking lot next to there church. Do you think that they could meet outside instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to meet inside? I wonder if any of there members are going through foreclosure as they build this new temple. What would Vallejo think if they built a new homeless shelter or a woman's battered home center for woman and children. I know that Vallejo does not have enough shelter for people and they send people to Fairfield, Ca all the time for shelter.

The List of Churches that did not Care. -
Are you kidding I contacted every church in Vallejo. Nobody Knew how to help the sick and afflicted.

Help me Feed the Hungry Concord Body of Christ. -
Have you ever heard of Urban Farming? Billions of pounds of fruit goes to waste every year in residential neighborhoods. I run an organization called Samson's Unit. When I say I run it that's because nobody will help. Just me and the great woman God put in my life make it happen. I gathered fruit from residential neighborhoods for around 4 months in Concord delivering it to food programs around Concord and the surrounding. I asked over 30 churches to help me with volunteers, equipment, etc. . No church raised a finger to help me gather food for the hungry. Here are a few of those stories.

Tabernacle Baptist Church Concord, Ca. -
I went to this church for a couple of months. On Sunday nights they have a service. At this service you can have a chance to speak to the congregation. For several weeks I reported to the church members about my progress. Every Sunday night I would ask the members to join me. Not one member ever joined me. I asked this church for help to feed the hungry for months. Next time you see Pastor New House ask him why he didn't spare one guy to help pick fruit?

Saint Bonaventure Catholic Church. -
Thanksgiving 2012 I delivered 517 pounds of fruit to there food program. It took along time to pick and it cost gas money to find the fruit trees. I asked there church for a gas card in the amount of $50. They told me they could not afford to help me. Has anyone ever been to this church. You can tell that there 30 acre property is worth millions of dollars. I am sorry to report this church is a fraud. They need to live like Jesus. Jesus Christ did not say spend millions of dollars on a church compound. What if they took there 50 million dollar property sold it and built drug rehab centers? Do you think meeting outside or maybe in a building they can buy for 50 thousand would be more appropriate? I think if some of these big churches would do as I have stated above that people would actually believe in the church.

Remember Super Storm Sandy?
When the storm hit I contacted Tammy Morris in the Atlantic City region. She runs a food distribution center that oversees 51 food pantries. I asked her if I got a semi truck to deliver 40,000 pounds of potatoes could they use them. She told me that people were without food, electric, shelter, and etc. . I told her I would try my hardest to accomplish the goal. I contacted Dick Wheller who is a potato farmer in West Virginia. He told me for $2,700 he would deliver 40,000 pounds of grade A potatoes to Tammy Morris. I had $200 of my own money already on the total. All I needed was some help to get the rest. Here are some stories of churches in Concord that did not care to help the victims of Super Storm Sandy.

Tabernacle Baptist Church Concord, Ca. -
I asked Pastor New House to donate to it. He was on his way to L.A. to hire a new assistant pastor for there church. He could had asked his members of the church to match me or sell some of there material possessions. It's sad that his church requires him to hire a pastor from a college. A fraction of the money he used to hire the new pastor could had paid for the potatoes. There are a lot of people out there that have never went to school to learn the bible who are priest.

Mormon Church Concord, Ca Concord Blvd. -
If you ever want to get kicked out of a Mormon church just ask them to sell there possession to help the Super Storm Sandy Victims. I wish I could get some of these stories on video. I told this church all the facts and asked if they would contribute. When they said I had to ask the main Mormon Church in town I was upset. I asked them where in the bible does it say to ask someone else if you have permission to help the hurt and hungry? I asked them to personally help. They told me to leave. I told them if 13 members sold a $200 possession with my $200 we would have enough to do it. They called the cops and I left. I was surprised that the Mormon Church acted like this. No actually it doesn't matter what church you are it seems they all follow mammon.

Holy Cross Lutheran Church Concord, Ca. -
At the storage unit across from this church I had a table set up. At this table I had signs asking people to give food for the victims. I told the pastor of this church that the victims of Super Storm Sandy needed help with food and how he could help. I think he said something like we have already gave to the Victim's. I thought in my head do we only give comfortably? The answer is yes. The church these days lives in houses that cost a half of million dollars while people are homeless. You would think that as many churches there are there would be no homeless. If people accepted homeless people as Christ excepted us there would be no homeless. If a church of 100 members for example had 10 members that were willing to house one homeless person each. It would bring homeless to an end. As many churches that are in one city it would seem that something like this would be into play already. Jesus said that the poor will always be with you. He didn't say that people should sleep in bushes and homeless shelters. I encourage you to go sleep at a homeless shelter for 3 days and tell me it's christian to put people in that condition. My point being as long as material possession stands in the way of God the church is a fraud. As long as we fear that creepy homeless guy showing him partial love we can't expect to go to Heaven.

It's simple for example we do more then just pray for you. -
Have you ever asked a church pastor to help you with something you know he can help you with but he says let's pray about it. I have asked a lot of pastor's of big and small churches to help me help others. I have heard most of them say they can't and then ask if they can pray for me. To be Christlike means a lot of things. When material possession gets in the way of humanity you can't possible say your of God. You have the homeless woman holding a sign as 100 cars pass by that are worth $20,000 with a cross hanging on the rear view mirror. As long as churches meet indoors the Body of Christ is doomed. These temples are worth hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars most times. Go out to the streets and shout God's name stop hiding behind doors.

I want to see dry bones living again. -
It is my goal to awake some churches out there and there members to what is going on in there own church. If the dark is exposed then it will be no more.
It seems if you are American then you are a Christian. A lot of people who go to church will be left behind. People actually have convinced there selves in whatever way to justify what to follow and when to follow in the bible. There are people being murdered today in countries around the world because they are a christian. People are in prison for life because they are a disciple of Jesus Christ. I saw a homeless lady the other day out in a field by the Taco Bell on Clayton Rd. in Concord, Ca. I asked her if she was hungry. As I was taking her some burritos from Taco Bell I seen two people in there early 50's eating by the window where you can see the homeless lady. I approached the couple and nicely asked if they go to a local church. They said Tabernacle Baptist in Concord, Ca. I said okay I know Pastor New House. I asked them if they noticed the homeless lady. They said yes. I asked them why they didn't feed her. They said they have fed her before and asked me what I was getting at. I asked them if they were Christians. When they said yes I said prove it. I went and gave the lady some food and gave her my phone and e-mail and am working on getting her housing. I am really sick of people posing as disciple's of God. I know that we are all sinners and that we fall short. How far have we fallen. This church name that church name. His church is the only true way. Her church is the only true way. People wake up while there is still time. Wake up before Christ comes like a thief in the night.