Friday, June 21, 2013

Vallejo expanding psychosis-inducing narcotic operations

Northbay Entheogenic Freedom congratulates the wine and beer manufacturers for their expansion along the waterfront. Alcohol, already sold to the public next door to High Schools and hospitals, induces addiction, psychosis, and death when used in varying amounts, and contributes to violence and criminal activities.

City Manager’s Bi-Weekly Report, Volume 1, Issue 18, June 21, 2013. Daniel E. Keen, City Manager
Amendments – During the City Council meeting on June 11, the Council unanimously approved the Planning Commission’s recommendation to amend the Zoning Code to relax the distance restriction for beer and wine manufacturerers with on-site tasting rooms, stand alone tasting rooms, and brewpubs on Mare Island and in the Waterfront areas. The second reading is scheduled for June 25, and if adopted, the ordinances will become effective on July 25.

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